Join Us For Our Food Drive!

We are holding another Food drive this year to benefit the Oregon Food Bank for the 4th year in a row!  The Food Bank has distributed more then 1 million emergency food boxes to local families. 34 percent of those receiving food are children. Coming together as a community is the only way to truly make a difference.

Drop by between December 8th, 2015 and January 8th, 2016 with 3 or more food items and as a thank you from Cotton Cloud we will gift you with a 12×20 wool pillow! If you don’t have any extra food to donate consider giving $10. This small amount will buy 30 meals for those in need. Volunteer opportunities are available for those who prefer to give time. Check them out and learn more about the program at

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New Product Lines now available. Overstock Pillow Sale! An interview with our own Terri Treat and a party invite.

New Products and Products Line
This is the most exciting time to come in to Cotton Cloud. We have an
abundance of amazing new products such as upholstered headboardsoutlet tableupholstered headboards
in contemporary, modern and transitional designs. Covered in the most luxurious fabrics these beautiful bed frames are the right amount of style to elevate the sophistication of even the most simply designed bedroom. Next to the bed, place one of our new outlet tables; available in 3 colors pecan, cherry and java. The
nightstand has both outlets and USB
ports which inside of outlet tablehides all the wires inside the table for a clean look. Plug a lamp and your phone in without worrying about tripping over the cords or having enough outlets to plug in your devices. Limited stock available so hurry in to take a look.

Dalyn RugsAlso, new to the store is Dalyn Rugs. These extremely affordable, quality rugs are an incredible value that beat the prices of rugs at that big blue and yellow store that we all know and love. Choose from machine woven, hand tufted, printed or customize your own rug. The colors are vibrant and the patterns range from traditional to modern to contemporary. We have samples to feel of the wool and jute rugs in the store.

One thing you are definitely going to want to try out are our adjustable bases! Lay adjustable basedown and elevate your head, feet or try the massage feature; all operate by a hand held remote. The adjustability of the head and foot will help with acid reflux, back pain, blood circulation and breathing. There are 3 models of beds, each one better then the last. The adjustable base will fit into nearly every bed frame with the frame acting as a fence around the base. Futons and latex are ideal for these types of adjustable bases as they are very malleable to the movements.

Another new option we have is the twin lounger designed with kids or students in mind. A great packageloungere that includes a metal frame with a thick cotton and foam mattress and 2 large pillows for only $515. It is a twin size bed or put one or both of the sides up to easily turn it into a sofa or a lounger. You can choose from over 20 different fabric samples to personalize the look.

Last but not least are all the new accessories we have placed around the store. accessoriesArtistic accent bowls, fun ceramic birds, Buddha statues and more to add the finishing touch to your room. We now have beautiful hanging mirrors and even handmade sea grass baskets. Many of the accessories are one of a kind hand picked by our managers. Come find what you need for your home in our showroom!
Buy One, Get One Half Off Pillow Sale!

We have an overstock of our beloved Latex Cloud Pillows and this means savings for YOU! We hanpillowsdcraft these versatile sleeping style pillows in a natural cotton shell and fill them with the perfect amount of chopped latex. They provide support for your neck and head while still being mold able. These fantastic pillows are buy one get one half off!! Hurry in, offer only good while supplies last!

Terri Treat Interview

With March being Woman’s History month, we decided to shine the light on the owner of Cotton Cloud, Terri Treat and learn how she grew such a successful Eco-friendly business. Cotton Cloud Natural Beds and Furniture focuses on sustainable, non toxic products and materials.  We sat down to discuss what it’s like being a female business owner and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

When asked about her experience as a female business owner, she laughed and simply stated, “It’s a mans world.” She said she feels blessed to be living in this country since in some other places women have fewer rights and may not even be able to Terri Treatown a business. Terri feels empowered, respected, a part of the community. She received her PHD from the school of hard knocks and believes that has helped her stay in business and be successful. By honing her own business skills, Terri was able to build her business based off of her personal principles instead of guidelines they teach in school. She knows that she could have made more money faster if she had joined the corporate world. However, by being a natural giver and bringing compassion into her everyday business practice that energy has brought prosperity and growth to Cotton Cloud.

Terri’s advice for small business owners is to first find your passion and put your energy into it. “Visualize where you’d like to be, so you have a clear idea of who you want to be.   Past failures do not predict future ones. If you have an amazing product, get it out into the world.” Terri is a strong advocate for self-care.  As a business owner, you will find most of your time is taken up by running the business and training the employees. To not burn out; Terri says to be responsible to yourself first. “I keep strict working hours, 6am -4pm. I go to yoga and eat to feel well. No matter my schedule I donate 3 hours to myself daily.” The most important aspect to growing a successful business is to have a product or service that you are behind 1000 percent. “Learn and grow through experience,” she says; trust your instincts and create a business model that works for you and your core desires.
Portland Michfest Party at Cotton Cloud! A Slice of MichiganThe party goddesses are at it again! Join us on Saturday April 18th from 8pm-12 for a fundraiser party for the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. All proceeds support sending more women to the festival in Michigan during its 40th Annual celebration this August 4th -9th. A sliding scale of $5-$20 will get you in for hours of dancing, live music, food, drinks, tarot readings and haircuts! Join in the raffles to win a ticket to the Michigan Festival. Pay at the door or RSVP and get your ticket online at . Learn about the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival at

music festival
A Slice of Michigan

Date: Saturday April 18th

Time: 8pm-12am

                                                Location: 701 NE Broadway Portland Or 97232

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For November we have a photo contest of Cotton Cloud in your homes, big savings on inventory and floor models, how to get the best nights sleep, the details of our food drive, and our newest staff feature: Judy!

Cotton Cloud Photo Contest

We’ve been welcomed into so many homes over the years, and we’d love to see what you’ve made of our beds, couches, pillows, dressers, and so much more!

Cozy Cotton Cloud CatEnter to win our photo contest! Post a photo of any item you’ve purchased from Cotton Cloud to our Facebook page  with #cottoncloud by November 15th and show us some love!! Categories include: Most creative, Funniest, and Best photo including a child or pet (or stuffed animal).


1st Place = $100 gift certificate to Cotton Cloud
2nd Place = $50 gift certificate to Cotton Cloud
3rd Place = $25 gift certificate to Cotton Cloud

One photo entry per family please. We will contact the winners and re-post the winning photos via a Facebook announcement on November 17th, 2014.  Good luck!

Huge Holiday Inventory Closeout Sale!
Fall cleaning for us means big savings for you!

We are clearing out our 2014 inventory to get ready for the next year. All futon mattresses in stock, and floor models on the showroom floor, are 10% off! Come in and find a great price on a great piece for your new year.

                  The Importance of Your Sleep Position

How you sleep is as much a factor as what you sleep on, and we can help you with both!

Crawling into bed should bSleeping Positionse a calm, soothing routine that relaxes you before you drift off to sleep. Slipping under the covers and into your favorite sleeping position without a thought. However, for many getting into bed means pain, frustration and restlessness. One should awaken refreshed and energized for the new day not sore, stiff and drowsy. Three common culprits are an out of shape mattress, poor pillow or improper use, and sleep position. Changing one or all three of these things can greatly improve your nights rest. The most common cause of pain and stiffness during sleep is improper sleep position. It is important to keep your spine in alignment and support the natural curves of the spine throughout the night.

The first step to releasing pain from sleeping is to decide if it is your mattress or your sleeping position that is the culprit. If your mattress is worn out or sags in any area then it is time to find a replacement. Pay attention to how your body feels on your bed. Is your lower back supported or does it curve into the mattress? Do you feel any pain, discomfort or tingling in any area of your body? It is important to know what your mattress lacks so that you know where to start in getting a new one. Lay down on a few mattresses and pay attention to how your body reacts to laying in your sleeping position. Does your body feel supported? Do you naturally relax after a few minutes of laying quietly? These are qualities to look for when mattress shopping.

Pillows are an easy way to improve the quality of sleep. Most of us hold on to pillows for far too many years. Pillows should be replaced every 2 years. No matter what position you sleep in theStack of comfy pillows pillow you use needs to support the natural curve of your neck. Generally, a flat pillow is best for back sleepers and stomach sleepers, though stomach sleepers may be more comfortable without a pillow. Side sleepers should look for a pillow that has some loft to it and that allows the neck to stay aligned with the spine by supporting the curve between the shoulders and head.

Pillows are also a great way to keep your spine in alignment while sleeping in your favorite position. For back sleepers placing a pillow under the legs or under the curve of the lower spine will support the natural curve of your spine. Back sleeping is a good way to alleviate back pain. Some issues that occur with back sleeping are snoring and sleep apnea.

Another way to use pillows to aid in sleep posture is for side sleepers to place a pillow between the knees. This keeps the top leg and hip in alignment with the spine. It also helps keep the top leg from sliding forward which can cause the spine to twist at the waist. Side sleepers also should choose a mattress that is medium firm. While on your side the mattress should contour to the curve and weight of your shoulder and hip. If your mattress is too firm you may be waking up in pain or with a tingling sensation in your arms or legs. Although, stomach sleeping is not recommended for proper alignment, if you do prefer to sleep like this it is suggested to place a thin pillow under your hips. This keeps your spine from curving down into the mattress. Sleeping on your stomach can cause you to turn your head to the right or left in order to breathe causing neck and shoulder discomfort.

All in all, your position can also be the difference between a good sleep and a bad sleep. Remember to experiment with the positions for a little longer than one night. Sometimes we get used to sleeping one way for so long that it takes a bit of adjusting to make a new one work.

Cotton Cloud Food Drive

“My SNAP was cut by $11 this month, and that might not sound like very much, but to me it’s the difference between eating the last five days of the month or not. It’s a big amount to me.”- Delinda (Tillamook)

Foods to donate to our food drive

Cotton Cloud is holding its second food drive from November 1st – December 21st. We are happy to bring our fun little futon loving family together to give to our whole community. Hunger affects 1 in 5 families and for the third year in a row Oregon Food Bank has distributed more than one million emergency food boxes throughout Oregon and Clark County Washington. The struggle is real and it is growing.

“Unfortunately, requests for emergency food stubbornly continue to climb. Unemployment isn’t the only driver of this unprecedented need. Underemployment and limited benefits have forced people with jobs to seek emergency food. And the high cost of food, gas, utilities and rent makes it even more difficult for families to cover basic expenses.” said Janeen Wadsworth, interim CEO of Oregon Food Bank. Our neighbors, classmates, co-workers, our town, and our country is in need of food security.

In Oregon alone over 270,000 people eat from emergency food boxes per month. 92,000 of those are children. Oregon has the worst rate of child food insecurity in the nation. Our children are worrying about where their next meal is coming from. No one should go hungry especially children. “I don’t worry so much about me not eating. My kids have to come first. We’ll eat a piece of bread with mayonnaise because my kids ate all the dinner. Or the kids just get mayonnaise sandwiches for dinner, because that’s all I have.” Beth (St. Helens) It is an epidemic that will only get worse with our countries continued long term unemployment. Please, help us in giving back to our community and feeding our neighborhoods. Bring in 5 or more food items or a $10 donation and receive a free wool 12 x 20 toddler pillow (a $35 value) between November 1st and December 21st. All donations will go to the Oregon Food Bank to be distributed throughout Oregon and Clark County Washington. Together we can help fight hunger.

Employee Feature: Judy Navaroli

photo of JudyI’m an east coast native from North Carolina. I relocated to Portland 4 years ago with my husband Jay. I enjoy all Portland has to offer but most of all the people. I moved to Portland because I wanted to thrive around like minded people, who are eco-friendly, helpful and eccentric. I like watching movies, cooking and creating wall art out of junk. I’m a junky for junk. I should be, I like to restore and reuse. A teaching from my mother and grand mother.

My second passion is cooking. Due to health issues I turned to a plant based diet and soon found that you are truly what you eat. I also wrote my first cookbook Red Neck Vegan in North Carolina and I’m excited about the release of Red Neck Vegan volume II.

I’ve been in furniture and home décor sales for over 15 years and find helping people gives me great joy. I’m very excited to be a part of Cotton Cloud. I look forward to educating customers on safe and reusable products for themselves and their families. Creating a safe haven for their home while reusing and recycling products instead of filling land fields.

Special codes and discounts

We at Cotton Cloud value our relationships with our customers. Which is why we like to offer discounts to those that value us back. Show your support by liking us on Facebook or following us on twitter and watch for discount codes that are only available on social media.

Also did you know that our sister companies Natural Felt and Sleepy Sheep Organics are on Etsy? Follow us on Etsy and we’ll return the favor. Let’s spread the love for natural and organic bedding!

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Local Love.

Imagine your local economy is like a swimming pool with all the wealth of the area swimming around.
It swims from person to business to person in circular waves.

A person buys a new mattress from a local manufacturer and the local manufacturer hires employees. The employees buy groceries from a local farmer. The farmer also ranches sheep and the local mattress manufacturer buys the wool. The money circulates around and around in the pool.

But, there is a hole in the pool that the money seeps through anytime someone in the community purchases goods that are made out of the state or country or uses a bank based in another state or even pays income taxes.

How do we preserve our local economy and keep the pool full? Local manufacturing is key to a strong economy, but 90 percent of manufacturers are small and midsize companies that seldom have the resources to compete in a global economy. As a country, helping manufacturing thrive is one of the best investments we can make in our economy.
With so many companies outsourcing you may wonder what you can do to help. The solution is simple; shop at your local small businesses that manufacture their own goods and avoid the large box stores, chain restaurants and shopping with the large online retailers. Avoid the temptation of online retailers. They may be cheaper since they generally don’t have the overhead of a brick and mortar store, but you may not receive the personalized customer service or be able to try out the product before buying. It’s important to remember that “overhead” equals the paying of rent, utilities and employee wages… which all contribute directly to the local economy. Not only will shopping locally help the economy and employ our friends and family, it is the most sustainable way to shop since there is little to no fuel expense necessary to ship the goods.
As a natural mattress manufacturer, we have the competitive advantage of being a leading innovator. We can customize a mattress to your specifications and have the freedom to create a unique product and use feedback to improve existing products. We know exactly how the natural fibers that are used in our mattresses are processed and can ensure no chemicals are added. Because we purchase our raw materials and sell them directly from the factory, we can not only use much higher quality materials but we can sell the mattresses at a much lower price making our customers happy while building a strong economy.

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Wool Toppers Made Fresh Daily.

wool topper

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Check out this video from Greenington Bamboo Furniture to see how some of the beautiful platform bed frames and dressers we carry are manufactured.

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For September we have big savings in our back to school red tag sale, Bunkie bedding for making bunk beds neat and simple, new buckwheat and millet hull pillows for relieving headaches and neck pain, our new tri-fold and stowaway frames, and our staff feature: Andrew!

Back to School Red Tag Sale!

It’s the beginning of a new school year and at Cotton Cloud that means fantastic Back To School Sales!! Come join us now through the end of September for our red tag back to school sale.
Back to School Sale
Select mattresses, floor model bed and couch frames, pillows, comforters and toppers are all marked down 20 – 40%. Come check out dressers, chests, nightstands, armoires and more solutions for your storage needs! We even have our adorable and whimsical Katzpajamas totes on sale. They are perfect for carrying your books, laptop, art supplies or groceries! Also included in the sale are surprise accessories spread throughout the showroom. Everything from lamps, planters, vases and more! The only way to discover them is to come take a look around.

Bunkies for Bunk Beds!

Having trouble getting your child to go to bed and stay there? No luck training them to make their bed each morning?

Ever wish you had a magical way of making the bunk bed without climbing on the top or bumping your head on the bottom? Well, we have just the solution for you! BUNKIES!

What is a bunkie you ask? A bunkie is like a sleeping bag for twin and full size beds. Imagine a fitted sheet with a comforter that is attached to one side and zippers that open on the other side. There are straps that buckle under the mattress to hold the bunkie in place. No more waking up to find the blanket kicked to the floor and feet tangled around in the sheets. This amazing yet simple feature helps keep the bed looking neat and tidy!

The bunkie opens at the head and the foot for complete versatility and ease. New bedding has a way of creating excitement for kids about going to bed. With over 70 different machine washable fabrics to choose from you are bound to find the perfect design for your home, cabin or beach house.


Buckwheat Hull & Millet Hull Pillow

Neck pain, headaches…NO MORE!!!

image of millet and buckwheat hullsWe recently stated carrying buckwheat and millet hull pillows which offer many great benefits. They are  recommended by chiropractors to relieve neck pain and head aches because the hulls provide a firm, breathable support that reduces strain on the neck and back. You will notice the buckwheat hulls adjusting to your body’s contours, then locking into place. This support keeps the spine in alignment. You can also remove or add filling to personalize the pillow to your specific need. Buckwheat pillows are great for side and back sleepers.

Your buckwheat pillow comes in an organic cotton fabric that is removable for washing. Just store your hulls in another bag, as the hulls should not get wet. The buckwheat hulls themselves are nearly free of any particles. The are grown without any fertilizers or pesticides and are hypoallergenic and Eco-friendly. Anyone using this pillow can rest assured knowing they are having an ergonomically correct sleep on a USA made chemical free pillow! Check out this testimonial from the store manager, Rain Rezendes below.

“We had some customer inquiries about buckwheat hull pillows which piqued my curiosity. I did some research and introduced them into the store fairly recently. After about 6 months of neck pain on my left side I wondered if there was a connection between my pattern of sleeping primarily on that side and having limited neck rotation and pain so I decided to give one of these pillows a try. I was a little concerned that the sound of the buckwheat hulls might not be conducive to sleep, but was pleasantly surprised that it was not bothersome at all. Sleeping on this pillow felt like it was meant to be, the hulls adjusted and fit perfectly between my shoulder and neck. It’s only been a couple of weeks but I can already feel the pain in my neck subsiding. I love this pillow for being Eco-friendly and for remaining comfortable and cool all night. The only thing I regret is not trying one sooner!”

USA Made Tri Fold Futon and Folding Stowaway Frames

Back by popular demand are the simple tri fold futon frames!

image of a tri fold frameOur new vendor, KD Frames (located in Athens, Georgia) uses only locally sourced poplar wood. Each frame is made using kiln dried tulip poplar grown in the southern Appalachian mountains and is completely unfinished and non-toxic. These simple, affordable frames provide long lasting, high quality furniture for years to come. The lounger is available in Twin ($165), Full ($175) and Queen ($195) sizes. It has four adjustable back positions and the lounger  folds under to create a chair.

image of a stowaway frameAlso available are the folding stowaway frames which are perfect for guests. Simple, low to the ground and the perfect solution for keeping your futon off the floor and saving space. This frame literally folds in half and can be easily stored underneath another bed frame. When folded the twin size dimensions are 8”x39”. Stop by our showroom to see one in action as well as other matching accessories including T.V., end, coffee, and bedside tables. Cotton Cloud Natural Beds & Furniture is the only retailer selling these loungers in the state!

Employee Feature: Andrew Izzett

photo of andrewThe name is Andrew, and I feel more than amazing knowing I am working for a fantastic company that fancies on helping out the community and overall well-being for everyone in terms of one of the most important factors in everyday life… sleep. Rather than thinking about sleep, the greatest factor for me is what am I sleeping on? So many things I did not know and I have never been so happy being a part of educating clients and learning more for myself about the health benefits of being Eco-savvy minded when shopping for your bed mattress or a futon! Especially being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a couple years ago, I have been more natural minded than I was years ago and it is quite the eye opener!

Usually you can find me watching A LOT of movies or researching upcoming movies, it is my guilty pleasure! From horror to comic book movies even foreign films, I watch it all. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and learned a lot from working for a local business like this one for 8 years in Oregon City called Pioneer Pizza. From what I did there, I do want expand and further my education in the culinary industry and ultimately run a restaurant or if the moons align… open up a restaurant with the hopes of influencing a menu which would accommodate for diabetics like myself and reach out to local farmers and such to help maintain a healthy & local economy.


Special codes and discounts

We at Cotton Cloud value our relationships with our customers. Which is why we like to offer discounts to those that value us back. Show your support by liking us on Facebook or following us on twitter and watch for discount codes that are only available on social media.

Also did you know that our sister companies Natural Felt and Sleepy Sheep Organics are on Etsy? Follow us on Etsy and we’ll return the favor. Let’s spread the love for natural and organic bedding!

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