Holiday Gift Guide, Acts of Kindness and Discount Codes!

 Gift Guide!
           Ho ho ho the holidays are here! With so much going on it is easy to forget a gift or two. Or maybe you are having trouble finding inspiration to pick the right gift for someone? You are in luck! To help keep you from getting overwhelmed we have created a gift guide of some of our customer’s favorite products tophoto of a Tropical Salvage bed help you select the perfect gift for everyone on your list:

For Mom:

  • A 3 inch wool topper to add a luxurious feel to her mattress while helping with temperature regulation

  • A 4 poster bed frame made from caramelized bamboo

  • A floor cushion for meditation and relaxation.

For Dad:

  • A bed and dresser/nightstand made from salvaged wood(picture to right) for all his change and do dads

  • A nomad pad for an easy seat or bed to take on camping or fishing trips.

For the Baby:

For the Kids:

For Teens:

  • A bean bag chair

  • An easy customizable and sturdy bed frame

  • A folding futon frame that can easily be taken apart and moved when they move out

For Grandparents:

  • A wool duvet to keep them warm and cozy at night

  • New organic pillows

  • A Bamboo sheet set.

For Aunts/Uncle

  • GMO free scented candles

  • Fun decorative and clever pillows (picture to the left)

Nphoto of Katz Pajamas pillowsot sure which items to choose? We have Gift Certificates available in any amount! It is a great last minute gift and the perfect way to say “ I care, now go get yourself some new bedding!” No matter what you choose remember it is the thought that counts. Give the gift of restful sleep with natural and organic bedding options.




Acts of Kindness

            This time of year our focus is on giving and receiving. Though it is only when we give that we can truly receive from the universe. With New Year’s around the corner we may be thinking about how we can improve ourselves with more exercise or less sugary food. Many of us choose to make self improvement our resolution. Then hours, days, weeks into the new year,we may fall back into our old routines, no more exercise or healthy food. 

            This year we can also choose to help improve the lives of others. This doesn’t need to require a weekly commitment we cram into an already busy schedule. It can be simple yet powerful. An act of kindness. Not a random act but daily acts of kindness and gratitude. Just one moment a day where you act on the behalf of another. Each day is up to you on how big or small your gesture is. Below is a list of ideas for bringing acts of kindness into your everyday life.

  1. Give blessings to all that cross your path. Silently wish them all you desire for yourself.

  2. Only say positive things for one day. Counter any negative thoughts with positive words out loud.

  3. Surprise someone who least expects it with a token of affection. Bring a flower to your favorite waitress. Give the receptionist who always fits you in when needed a gift card to his/her favorite preferred coffee shop.

  4. Look people in the eye and smile. Eye contact strengthens human connection. Who knows you may be the only person to acknowledge them the whole day

  5. Let someone go in front of you, whether stuck in line at the grocery store or while stuck in traffic.

  6. Leave your change in the vending machine.

  7. Buy a day pass and leave it in the ticket machine at the max station.

  8. Share your umbrella. Even if only for a few minutes while walking in the same direction or waiting to cross the street. A few minutes can truly make someones day.

  9. Leave quarters at the laundry mat.

  10. Hold the door open for another.

  11. Buy a stranger their meal.

  12. Tip big.

  13. Donate you books, clothing or time.

  14. Bring coffee to your coworkers.

  15. Buy a homeless person a hot meal.

  16. Compliment strangers.

  17. Pay someones parking meter, if allowed.

  18. Leave a positive note as a surprise on someones car or mailbox.

  19. Mail a stranger from the phone book a kind note or a gift certificate.

  20. Compliment an employee through a survey.

  21. Leave a positive review on yelp or other online forum for a business that did a good job with you.

  22. Ask someone how they are doing. Then listen fully to their response.

  23. Buy and leave scratch it lottery tickets where they will be found.

  24. Pay the toll for the person behind you.

  25. Give directions. Even if you are in a hurry.

  26. Forgive someone a debt and never bring it up again.

  27. Learn the names of people along your daily route. Parking attendants, coffee barista, bus drivers.

  28. Give freely without thought of return.

Green Woman Teleconference

If you haven’t checked out the Lean into Green Telesummit videos there is still time! Due to the positive response the interviews will now be available indefinitely. Terri Treat and twenty other women experts give green tips and insights on how to increase your health, wealth and happiness. Through the inspiring and enlightening talks learn how simple changes can bring tranquility and sustainability into your world. To become part of this life-changing movement, click the link below.

Toy Drive 2013

Now through Dec 16thwe are accepting new unwrapped toys. All toys go to the KGW Great Toy Drive and are distributed throughout Oregon and Southern Washington. Give back to your community and put a smile on the face of a child. The gifts received through the toy drive are most of the children’s only toy to unwrap this year. As a thank you for helping us provide gifts for children in need, Cotton Cloud is offering a gift card of $25 off $100 purchase or more to everyone that donates. Donations are accepted at our retail location on 701 NE Broadway.

Special codes and discounts

We at Cotton Cloud value our relationships with our customers. Which is why we like to offer discounts to those that value us back. Show your support by liking us on Facebook or following us on twitter and watch for discount codes that are only available on social media. Also did you know that our sister companies Natural Felt and Sleepy Sheep Organics are on Etsy? Follow us on Etsy and we’ll return the favor. Let’s spread the love for natural and organic bedding!

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‘Tis the Season for Giving Thanks and Paying It Forward

Convertible Sofas Are In!

            Cotton Cloud currently has two models of convertible sofas on our showroom floor. Otherwise known as click clacks, these sofas make a great alternative to the traditional folding futon frames that we carry. Their design is sleek and modern and they easily convert into the bed position. They operate differently than a futon and have 2 or 3 positions, the couch, bed and lounger. To change positions you push the back rest forward until it clicks and it will lay down to create a flat sleeping surface. Simply lift the back up to either the lounger or couch positions.

The convertible sofas use the Patented Vise Protection System® to prevent the possibility of our furniture splitting or cracking at any key stress points along with a patented click clack mechanism with finger guard for safety during conversion and usage to ensure years of high performance. Stop in and let us introduce you to the new contemporary Rudolpho and the romantic, spacious Romeo.

Portland Innerspring Now Available in New Sizes

Courtesy of our wonderful manufacturing team at Natural Felt our original Portland Innerspring futon is now available in split cushion form. These cushions are used on our 54” love seat lounger and 39” twin chair folding futon frames. The addition of the ottoman piece creates a twin or a full size sleeping surface. This plush, flexible futon was designed with Portlanders in mind creating a supportive sleeping surface with a heavy gauge innerspring and our natural cotton batting. It is affordable, retains its shape and is perfect for daily use as a bed or couch. The Portland Innerspring is also great for guests coming into town who may prefer the more traditional innerspring mattress feel over a cotton futon. If you learn that you have unexpected guests coming into town and need a place for them to sleep in a hurry, have no worries, we carry a variety of futon frames and mattresses in stock that you can take home the same day!

toy drive logoTis the Season for our Toy Drive!

Cotton Cloud Futons is joining the KGW Great Toy Drive Collection 2013. Through the month of November we are offering a coupon for $25 off a $100 purchase to any one who drops off one or more new toys at our store located at 701 NE Broadway. Although we believe in reusing and recycling we are only able to collect new toys for the drive.

The toys go to local children in need throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. KGW has been running this drive for over 30 years, providing hundreds of thousands of children a smile during the holidays. Join us in making this year the most successful year to date!

Book Drive Results

September was the first time we held a book drive at Cotton Cloud for the Children’s Book Bank on NE Glisan. The preschool age books we collected are given out in bags of 10-15 books to children who have little or no access to books in their home. With your generous donations Cotton Cloud collected over 50 books that will help many children in Portland on their journey towards literacy!

If you missed out on the book drive and have books to donate, drop them off The Children’s Book Bank 1728 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97232. If you’d like to help out by volunteering to spruce up and sort donated books go to for more information.


Green Woman Teleconference

The Lean into Green Telesummit has been extended and the audios will be available until November 14th. Twenty One women experts, including our own Terri Treat, give green tips and insights to increase your health, wealth and happiness. Listen and learn how small changes can bring simplicity and sustainability into your life, home and office. Collectively, these 21 interviews represent very timely and life-changing information. We feel privileged to be an advocate and proponent of this “good news” and inspiring truth-telling. Woven through all these talks are two common themes: the world is changing in the direction of women’s relational reality and sustainability. You will be inspired, enlightened, and glad you listened in! Click the link below to access the wealth of knowledge available in the videos. “Lean Into Green”


Enjoy a Green Holiday Season and Shop Local!

The holiday season is sneaking up on us! This is a joyful but hectic time that is sometimes full of excess. With gifts to buy, big dinners to make, and unexpected guests, convenience often takes priority over sustainability. Convenience often leads to more excess and more expense. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s the amount of trash/waste produced increases by 25 percent.

We encourage you to celebrate the season with sustainability in mind and shop at locally owned businesses. It only takes one to start a trend and to focus our energy on having a simpler eco-friendly holiday season. Here are some tips and ideas to cut down on waste and cost.

  1. Simplify. This is the easiest and may be the most rewarding thing to do. Simplify your holiday schedule and enjoy being in the moment.

  2. Give the gift of cash verses trash. For the people who already have everything they need, make a donation to their favorite local charity in their name. Buy gift cards to local restaurants, clothing or furniture :) stores. Cotton Cloud has gift certificates available! Give the gift of an experience to remember; treat someone to a local spa, give a gift certificate for cheese making classes at a local farm or for the more adventurous; horseback riding lessons, kayaking the Willamette, or skiing on Mt. Hood. These types of gifts often leave lasting impressions and memories while supporting the local economy and never end up in a land fill.

  3. Green Holiday Wrapping. Make the wrapping part of the gift by using fabric, dish towels, scarves, bandanas, or reusable cloth grocery bags. Generally wrapping paper can not be recycled so if you love the look search for post consumer or made from recycled material wrapping papers. Also, consider re-using paper from old calenders, newspaper comics, unwanted maps or use the kids drawings on paper bags for a more personal touch.

  4. Green Decorations. Collect leaves, pebbles, pine cones, branches and twigs from outside. Then spend a few hours with friends or children creating handmade ornaments. String popcorn, sunflower heads, cranberries or corn cobs and let the birds and squirrels enjoy once you take down the decorations. We recommend using string (not fishing wire!) and cutting the garland into smaller pieces before putting it outside so the birds can use the string for nesting. Another green way to decorate is to host a holiday décor trading party, this way you freshen up your décor without having to purchase anything and you never know what goodies you will find!

  5. Use a Live Tree. Take all your wonderful handmade ornaments outside to a tree in your yard. Don’t have one? – the Friends of Trees will help you pick out and plant a native tree suitable for your yard that you will enjoy for years to come. If you don’t have a yard suitable to plant a tree and prefer to decorate a real tree inside, after the holidays please be sure to recycle it. Strip the tree of pine needles for home made potpourri. Then you can “treecycle” by leaving the tree out for pick up by the county to turn into mulch. Click here for rules on disposal in Portland. You can also donate the tree to local groups such as the boy and girl scout troops to help fund their excursions. . A plastic tree may be reusable for many years but so is a planted live one. Keep in mind that the process to create a PVC tree is harmful to the environment. Consider looking on craigslist or in thrift stores for a fake tree to reuse or if you’re crafty you could make your own tree.

  6. Lower your Electric Bill. As the eggnog disappears and your holiday parties heat up don’t forget to turn down the thermostat. Close the flue to your fireplace when not in use to keep warm air from going out of the chimney. Switch to LED lights that are brighter, use 80% less energy and do not get as hot as traditional lights making them safer. Donate any broken or unwanted lights to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot.

  7. A Greener Healthier Dinner. The holidays are a time for celebrating with delicious feasts. We encourage you to buy fresh, local and organic to cut back on pesticides, chemicals and food miles. Consider incorporating more vegetarian or vegan options. Also, either make smaller portions of food or make food you know everyone will enjoy to reduce wasting food. Typically one-third of all food sold ends up in the trash, think of different ways to re-use your leftovers and don’t forget to use your green compost bin.

  8. Use Your Pretty Dishes. Consider using cloth napkins and the good china, things that can be washed and reused instead of thrown out. It’s no secret that no one really loves doing dishes but a few extra moments of your time can significantly reduce waste.

  9. Donate- Do you have any gifts you won’t use or did you recently replace any household items? Consider donating them to a local charity or organization. Instead of buying a new gadget or kitchen appliance, check our your local Kitchen Share Library where you can rent an appliance for a week. Many of us have time off during the holiday season, dedicate one day to be your recycle and donation day. This clears clutter from your home and helps others. St. Jude’s Ranch for Children accepts all holiday (or any type) cards. They reuse them and sell them to support their organization.

  10. Celebrate Outdoors. Escape the crowds and enjoy time with the family outside. Bundle up, head outside and walk around your neighborhood to appreciate the lights or hold a winter scavenger hunt. Write a list of things to find, such as pine cones, animal tracks, mountain peaks, bird species or tree species. Use some of the things you find for ornaments or decorations. Stargaze with hot chocolate or spend New Year’s snow shoeing or skiing. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Back to School Savings and Book Drive

Back to School Totes!

photo of the back to school kitsFor a limited time only we are offering back to school totes with gifts. It is the perfect start to any year. One kit is designed for young school age children. It contains one of our handcrafted 8×10 travel and 12x 20 toddler wool pillows. Perfect sizes to take to school for nap time or take along in the car. Also included is a fruit shaped candle to give the teacher on the first day of school.  The second tote is designed for teen and college students. Inside the tote is a wonderful soy all natural candle, a 12×20 wool pillow, a decorative lantern and a cord cover.

Benefits of a good nights sleep for Children

School time is nearly upon us and the importance of a good night’s sleep is essential as children head back to the classroom. Sleep is a critical factor in how well kids do in school. Children who get the proper amount of sleep can better retain information they learn during the day. They are better able to pay attention and concentrate as well as problem solve and think of new ideas. Not only do our brains need sleep but our bodies need that time as well. During sleep our muscles, bones and skin grow. This is especially important for growing children. The human body needs sleep to be rested and healthy in order to fight off sickness. Lack of sleep has been linked to diabetes symptoms in people of all ages. It is recommended that school age children get between 10-11 hours of sleep per night.

A good night’s sleep is beneficial to all. Sleep deprived children create sleep deprived parents. If you have trouble getting your young one down for the night a consistent bed time routine can make all the difference. Create a relaxing routine for your family that starts 30-60 minutes before bed time. You want the child to stop doing overly stimulating activities such as rough play, T.V. watching, and video games, instead chose soothing rituals like a light snack or reading. Some experts recommend the four B’s- bath, brushing teeth, books, bed. Whatever you choose the most important thing is consistency and follow through. Children need to have a predictable routine and over time just the routine will make the child tired and ready to sleep through the night.

Two New Futon Styles

Adding to our already diverse line of futons are two new options. After many customer requests we finally have an all wool futon. Comprised of 8 inches of wool tufted in an organic cotton shell that creates a wonderfully cozy sleeping experience. This futon offers support and comfort especially for those who do not prefer a firm sleeping surface. It is particularly nice for side sleepers who need some give in the mattress for the hip and shoulder to stay properly aligned. This futon comes in all sizes and is a chemical free futon. Cotton Cloud would also like to introduce the Organic Cloud for Kids. This innerspring mattress is wrapped in organic cotton and wool, then is tufted into an organic cotton sateen shell and tape edged. It comes in twin size only and is aimed at giving parents and affordable organic option for their children to sleep.

New Product Lines!

photo of the pillows by katzpajamasKatzpajamas is a whimsical design company based out of southern California. We carry some of their tote bags and pillows but they also make t-shirts and jewelry. The designs are fun black and white illustrations of everything from an anatomical labeled heart, to an octopus, to cat with a mustache and an elephant with an umbrella. The pillows are made out of 100% cotton linen with our handcrafted eco-wool pillow inserts, a great accent to most any décor. It adds whimsical charm without being obnoxious. The totes are strong and work fantastic as a grocery bag, or to carry your laptop and books. Carry all your essentials in style all year long!

New to our store is furniture by a Portland local, Peter Morrison. He has been making frames for over 15 years. Handcrafted from unfinished solid pine the bed frames, dressers and bookcases are an easy and affordable way to personalize your space while shopping local. Enjoy the natural look of pine or customize the furniture to your décor with your choice of stain or paint.

photo of a topperSale

For a limited time we are offering 20% off select in stock toppers, mattress pads, and duvets. Add the feel of the cloud with 3 plus inches of wool or wellspring inside an organic cotton shell. These make any surface sleep-able.

Also included in the sale are 2 inch latex soft toppers. The long lasting, durable latex gives you cushion for your joints but still allows you to feel the support of the firmer sleeping surface below. Come down while we still have some left! Toppers and duvets are the perfect way to make your bed a cozy haven to relax through the night.

Preschool Book Drive

children's book bank logoFor the month of September we will be collecting books for the Children’s Book Bank. They hand out bags of 15 books to children in Portland-area preschools who otherwise have no or limited access to books. Low income families have an average of one book per 300 children. Our primary goal is to supply books and bring awareness to the extreme need for books. The Children’s Book Bank focus is mainly on preschool aged children. Books that are needed the most are board books, picture books, alphabet books, books about numbers, colors, animals, shapes and words, story books, rhyming books, Dr. Seuss books, and books in Spanish.

We ask that all books be new or gently used and please no encyclopedias, text books and no musty or damaged books. As a thank you from Cotton Cloud for helping us support child literacy we are offering $25 off a $100 purchase to anyone who brings in 5 or more books to the drive. If you can not donate please consider volunteering as it is truly for an important cause. For more information contact the Children’s Book Bank at 503-615-3981.

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Earth Day Sale on Sustainable Products!

Scratch and Dent Headboards!It is cotton Cloud’s mission to offer sustainable, earth friendly products for your home. This includes items, such as platform beds frames that are not manufactured by our team.  To highlight one of these products we have an amazing sale going on with all our scratch and dent furniture pieces, which are structurally sound with minor marks, are priced at up to 50% off. All of the wood is harvested from the Rubberwood trees but do not allow the name to mislead you.  The wood is sound, strong and sustainable.  How is it sustainable you might ask and how is it different from other trees used for furniture? First the Rubberwood tree is tapped for its latex the way that a maple tree is tapped for its sap.  The latex is used in all rubber based products throughout the world today.  Then once the trees latex yield dies down the trees are felled to produce furniture.  Most furniture is made from trees produced simply for furniture production; Rubberwood however is only harvested at the end of its life cycle.  Investing in furniture made from Rubberwood is investing in the future of the planet.

Live. Breathe. Be healthy, goes the slogan of our wonderful new home decor candle line.

vance family candle Vance Family soy candles are made locally using only plant based, all natural sustainable products. A family run business dedicated to bettering an industry and our earth through education and use of sustainable products. Vance family soy candles also made a commitment that at least 10% of all profits are donated to charity. So come take a sniff at the amazing smelling mostly organic scented candles.

Employee Spotlight – Dee Nellis
Our Senior Seamstress!
By: DeAna Lee Agresto

Every newsletter we feature one of our employees. This month I went to our warehouse, located on NW York St, to give you an inside view of how our products are made. I walked into the sewing room not quite knowing what to expect and found it to be a productive space full of good humor, creativity and lots and lots of cotton fabric. Three beautiful laughing ladies were hard at work, running machines, measuring fabric, cutting fabric, sewing fabric, I sat down with Dee Nellis to see what I could learn about her and her experience with Cotton Cloud. We started out with Dee telling me a little about herself. She is the mother of two very artistic children, a boy 17 and a girl 21. Both of whom have won awards in their art endeavors, no doubt with help and support from mom. Dee herself is an artist and an inspiration. She earned her AA in fine arts at Portland City College. After describing herself as artsy fartsy, Dee tells me she loves to paint, draw, go to museums and listens to lots of music. She is an accomplished musician with 11 years of experience on the piano, flute, and cello. Then as if she didn’t get enough of it at work, in her free time Dee continues to sew and quilt her own stuff. Once I learned about Dee I wanted to know about her work at the Cotton Cloud warehouse. I found out her daily routine is not so routine. In fact her favorite part of working for this company is that everyday is different and “nothing is boring.” Dee loves that there is always a wide variety of things too do from checking purchase orders, to cutting, sewing, filling in fiber, and tufting finished products. Though her favorite thing to do is work with the amazing organic cotton sateen fabric. Maybe we should all order sateen covered mattresses so Dee can enjoy her day that much more. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Dee is a cat person.

Product Spotlight – All Season Wool Duvet
Every newsletter we’ll feature a favorite product reviewed by our staff.  We love our products and want to let you know why! This time, Kenyon MacConnell, sales associate, reviews his favorite: All Season Wool Duvets.
duvetSpring is upon us, allowing us to shed our heavy bedding, and sending us into closet corners looking for lighter weight blankets. A fantastic addition to your bedroom line-up to help welcome the temperate change of seasons would be one of our natural, hand crafted Duvets. Made from thick layers of wool farmed in the Pacific NW, our duvets are made exclusively using Natural Felt Wool encased in an organic cotton outer shell. Our Natural Felt Wool is anti-microbial, fire retardant, and wicks away moisture. For those who need that extra insulating touch, our Winter Duvet uses a heavier poundage of wool batting inside- approximately 20 lbs. denser than our lighter All Season Duvet. We offer over a thousand fabric options from national  manufacturers if you want to dress up your Duvet and add some accent color to your bedroom. We have fabric swatches available here in the store which you can rent to take home to match to your decor and color palate. In addition, swatches are also on our website for you to browse at your leisure. We also make matching accent/throw/body pillows, pillow shams, and custom size work for your design specifications.

I came to the realization the other day, that since I started working here, we help save lives at Cotton Cloud Futons. We’re low key and kinda sneaky about it, but we all go home each night feeling good about our participation in the retail bedding industry. The materials we use in our soft goods are all natural, recycled, renewable, sustainable, and sometimes certifiably organic-, so we are helping to create and foster a higher quality of healthy living and ecological balance for all who purchase from us. For customers going through a discovery process, and still sitting on the fence, our products represent the best all-natural alternatives in town. Come down to the store and see for yourself- beds made, candles in the window.

Stories from Cotton Cloud: Live Earth Day Daily!
“In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” 
-Henry David Thoreau

earth hands Earth day is April 22nd and it’s a great time be appreciative of all that the planet gives us. It is also a good to time to reflect on what we do for the planet. Many will celebrate earth day by planting trees or cleaning litter, which is fantastic. It is good to remember that there are things we can do everyday. Cotton Cloud is a diverse team with a community commitment to our beautiful planet Earth. Every step of production is carefully thought out, so that we can be as friendly to the Earth as possible. Everything possible is recycled, reused, re-purposed. Bought lunch containers are reused to keep other food fresh. We reuse the boxes from incoming shipments. While other boxes are used in the window display design. All paper is used front and back before being recycled. We try to accomplish simple everyday things that can make a difference.

Cotton Cloud also produces a mattress that is soft, durable and keeps over 3000 plastic soda bottles out of landfills with each full futon. It is called the Wellspring.  Also, no plastic bag that your new futon gets wrapped in wraps only one futon but multiple. Even the ties that hold the futons folded are scrapped from the sewing room. Terri Treat cares deeply about the environment, and makes sure her company and associates do as well. She offers alternative medicine with the health care plan and spends local whenever possible. Terri also gives back to the community through donations and discounts to local co-ops. Terri Treat has worked hard to make her business earth friendly. Cotton Cloud believes everyday is Earth Day.

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Honoring our owner, Terri Treat, for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are republishing an article about our owner, Terri Treat.

Quote of the day: “The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that… women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves.“  Louise Otto-Peters

Photo of Terri Treat circa 1980 at the Portland Saturday MarketI started Cotton Cloud Futons in 1981, when I was 17 years old. I guess two driving forces combined to inspire me to start on a journey that, 26 years later, is going stronger than ever: my parents. My mom was always a Do-It-Yourself type of woman; it was the 70s, and women were coming into their own power. She was also the single mother of two kids, and had to get inventive to make ends meet. My dad was also very creative and encouraged me to always examine the world around me and talk about what I saw. Their support of my creativity gave me the foundation I needed to begin the adventure that would one day be Cotton Cloud Futons.

Cotton Cloud has always been a labor of love. Ever since I can remember, I have had a very close connection to nature, and a deep respect for the planet with which we’ve all been entrusted. By chance, I took a class on futon-making, and from that moment on, it was clear to me that making beds out of cotton provided the perfect synergy of art, craft, and mindfulness for the Earth. At first, I was living in a little farm house out in the woods, making covers on a treadle sewing machine and building each mattress by hand. The whole experience was very zen, and it gave me the chance to brainstorm and try different combinations of materials and construction methods.

My initial clients were my family and friends. Soon my neighbor, who was a wood-worker, built Cotton Cloud’s first tri-fold frame. I sold the frames and futons at Portland, Oregon’s Saturday Market, my primary source of advertising, for two years. In those days, I delivered each mattress myself, on the city bus!

13 years later, Cotton Cloud moved into a large retail store at 701 NE Broadway. Through all these changes, one thing remains the same: all Cotton Cloud futons are still made by hand, with an emphasis on natural materials and attention to detail. My commitment to the planet and my close connection to my community are still as strong as ever. Cotton Cloud has grown up here in Portland, Oregon, and I’m so thankful for the local community of friends, family, customers, and artisans who have helped us thrive all these years. We strive to work in synergy with our earth by selling comfortable, affordable futons, furniture, and accessories. We consciously emphasize products that are made of natural materials, with renewable resources that are harvested in sustainable ways. I look forward to continuing this work, and making these connections, for many years to come.

Terri Treat

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Big Love and Big Discounts for February

Love Big February Sale Item!

Valentines package - King size Saffron bed frame and King size Therapedic mattressWe are celebrating love and romance for February, and what better way than with a King size frame and mattress? Our Saffron frame has handsome traditional style but would also be the perfect blank canvas for your personalized bedroom dreams – a bit of paint or fabric could create a fun and unique bed. Made of sturdy rubberwood and hand painted in a white finish, this floor model wants to go home with you. We’ve paired it up with a Therapedic King size mattress – made with recycled metal innersprings, natural cotton and wool, and none of those horrible chemicals – for the perfect Valentines setting. Only one such package available, and only $1000! It won’t last long at that price (usually priced at $2400), so call or come by today and make it your own!

We have more Floor Model items available for 10-50%! All items are structurally sound, high quality, and have been discounted due to minor cosmetic flaws or the minimal use they get when being tried out on the floor. Stop in to check out the select bed frames, folding frames, dressers and more!

Cotton Cloud Featured in the Portland Tribune Sustainable Life Section!

Portland Tribune article“Avoiding Toxic Chemicals in your couch, mattress” by Julia Silverman

“Back in 1981, 17-year-old Terri Treat sewed a mattress with an antiquated treadle sewing machine found at a yard sale, painstakingly piecing together the cotton batting and wool overlay. In a black-and-white picture from that era, she sits cross-legged on the ground at Portland’s Saturday Market, one of her early mattresses on hopeful display.

That sewing machine is now on view at the cavernous Northwest Portland warehouse where Treat’s staff makes all-natural futon mattresses, pillows, comforters and couch cushions. She uses wool sourced from Oregon and cotton that’s turned into batting on site, selling to retail and wholesale customers around the country.”  To read the rest of the article, please click here.

Employee Spotlight – Kenyon MacConnell
Our newest Sales Associate!

KenyonWelcome fellow Portlanders and friends from abroad! Kon-nichiwa! Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Aloha! Dia dhuit! Zdravstvuyte!

My gamer tag is Ghostmedic, but you can call me Kenyon. I hail from the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Portland in 2012. I’ve been in the Futon industry since ’08, but was heavily involved in Search and Rescue services prior to my move. I was a Search Manager with Marin SAR, Marin Urban SAR, and contracted out with 1SRG, the State Department International SAR Response Team. I have also completed various Humanitarian Aid contracts across the globe.

When not making the world a better place to sleep in, I divide my free time between Game Design and my love of drawing and art. I am an accomplished classical Italian Fencing Instructor, play Capoeria, rock climb, and enjoy hiking and discovering what Oregon’s great outdoors has to offer. I travel when I can, and have been around the world a few times. Feel free to swing by the store and we can talk about a great love of mine- philosophy, classic or contemporary. See you on the flip side!

Stories from Cotton Cloud: Our Food Drive was a huge success!
“We know that a peaceful world cannot long exist, one-third rich and two-thirds hungry.”
- Jimmy Carter

During the months of November and December, Cotton Cloud worked with the Oregon Food Bank on a food drive here at the store. Thanks to all the generous donations we collected over 330 cans of food. We are especially thankful for all the nutritious food that came in. We were able to provide organic and gluten free options, whole wheat flour, sugar free juices as well as cooking oils and spices. The Oregon food Bank will distribute the food to local families in need. Unfortunately, Oregon has one the highest rates of child food insecurity here in America. Over 34% of those receiving emergency food are children. Food banks here in town have record breaking numbers of request for emergency food. Last year alone they provided 43.5 million pounds of food and other aid to the community. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for donating as the need for food is only growing in this economic climate.

The holiday season is the most popular time of year for food drives but the need is prevalent all year round. Normally by summer months the food banks reserve is diminished and the need for canned goods rises. There are many other ways to contribute besides donating food or money. Local food banks and soup kitchens are always looking for volunteers to help sort, package and distribute food boxes. There is also a new program under way called Plant a Row. It asks people to plant an extra row of vegetables in their garden specifically for the food banks. This helps bring fresh produce to people in need. Any way that you find to help the community is always appreciated. Remember sharing is caring.

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Holiday Sales and Our Food Drive for Oregon Food Bank!

Holiday Sales: Buy One Get One Free Wool Pillows, and more Floor Model Frames!

We are celebrating natural comfort for the holidays with our buy one get one free sale on Wool Pillows (Standard size and in store purchase only).  These are amazing, hand crafted bed pillows made exclusively using Natural Felt Wool sustainably farmed in the Pacific NW, and manufactured in the State of Oregon.

We have more Floor Model frames available for 10-50%! All items are structurally sound, high quality, and have been discounted due to minor cosmetic flaws or the minimal use they get when being tried out on the floor. Stop in to check out the select platform bed frames and folding futon frames!

Product Spotlight – Woolspring
Every newsletter we’ll feature a review of one of our favorite products. We love our products and want to let you know why! This time our newest employee DeAna (more info on her below) will tell you about our newest mattress, the Woolspring.

The Woolspring is a new addition to Cotton Cloud but so am I. So I think its quite fitting that this is my favorite bed in the store! The bed is made similar to the traditional Wellspring with layers of high density foam and Wellspring materials (recycled pop bottle fibers) but then the entire thing is wrapped in Eco-Valley wool. This natural and locally grown wool adds fullness and support to the bed. It also adds all the other natural benefits of wool: regulating body temperature, wicking moisture, repelling dust mites and hypoallergenic.

I personally love it for many reasons. First: by using Wellspring fibers, it helps to keep over 3,000 plastic soda liter bottles out of landfills. Anything to keep litter off the ground makes me smile. Second: it is long lasting as the Wellspring material is very resilient to compression and bounces back to shape easily.  Third: it puts the comfort and benefits of wool right at the surface, keeping the sleeper cool, comfortable and breathing easy. This bed truly takes the traditional Wellspring to the next level.

Employee Spotlight – DeAna Agresto
Our newest Sales Associate!

Hello World! My name is DeAna. I grew up in New Jersey and traveled to Southern California to study photography. I fell in love with Portland on a road trip from Cali to the Gorge. I made my decision to move to Oregon and six years later here I am.

I enjoy music, art, fun and food. I also drink much too much coffee. I paint, sew, take photos, read or write in my spare time. I am a published poet and a hippie at heart. You will frequently catch me wearing peace signs.

I am excited to now be working for a business that cares about the environment as much as I do.

Stories from Cotton Cloud: Our Food Drive
“Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.”
- Unknown

Sharing is caring and Cotton Cloud would like to help everyone have a meal to share this holiday season. Oregon has the highest rate of child food insecurity in the country! This means that thousands of children go to bed hungry or not knowing when their next meal will be. This is something that we can and should change. We’re working with the Oregon Food Bank to help make a difference this holiday season.

During the months of November and December Cotton Cloud is offering one free travel size wool pillow to every customer that brings in 3 or more food goods for our food drive. Help us fight the war against hunger and end child food insecurity here in Portland. All donations are appreciated, below is a listing of the most needed foods and items we can not accept.

Oregon Food Bank needs these nutritious foods:

  • canned meats (i.e., tuna, chicken, salmon)
  • canned and boxed meals (i.e., soup, chili, stew, macaroni and cheese)
  • peanut butter and other nut butters
  • canned or dried beans and peas (i.e., black, pinto, lentils)
  • pasta, rice, cereal
  • canned fruits and vegetables
  • 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice (canned, plastic or boxed)
  • cooking oil
  • shelf-stable milk
  • consider donating healthy, low-fat and low-sugar products

Oregon Food Bank can’t use:

To ensure food safety, we cannot use:

  • rusty or unlabeled cans
  • perishable items (applies only to food drive donations)
  • homemade items
  • noncommercial canned or packaged items
  • alcoholic beverages, mixes or soda
  • open or used items

PLEASE NOTE: If you donate glass products, please box or bag them separately and label the box or bag “GLASS” on all sides.

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